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NRP Launches Virtual Public Meetings


March 24, 2020

The Nevis Reformation Party is taking its social responsibility in the fight against the Coronavirus, very seriously. We encourage everyone to take every precaution to ensure that they remain safe in these horrid times. 

We know that even in these trying times that the world must go on. To keep you informed about the latest happenings in St. Kitts & Nevis we have organized a series of Virtual Public meetings thereby allowing you to stay in the comfort of your own home and participate.

Join us tonight on Facebook, YouTube and on this website for live broadcast.

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Address by Dr. Kelvin Daly, Deputy Leader, NRP

On Monday March 16th, the Hon. Mark Brantley in his capacity as Premier appraised the people of Nevis on his Government’s preparedness to deal with the pandemic caused by the killer virus Covid-19. He catalogued in broad terms the efforts of the Health Promotion Unit on Nevis and the Federal Covid-19 Task force on St. Kitts to reduce the risk of contracting the disease. I am personally dismayed however that of the 3 principals leading the covid task force, none are trained in Pandemic preparedness. Dr. Judy Nisbett who has the required training is in a subordinate role. 

Further, other than a tacit acknowledgement that some hotels have closed while others have closed departments, he made no attempt to quantify the scale of the economic losses on either a personal or national level. Neither did he offer a single policy on how the economic challenges will be met. Instead as has become the norm, he and his government have cast their eyes across the shark infested waters for help from St. Kitts. Having already squandered over $250 million in Federal support and having already ran up a debt of $500 million, there is no choice but to beg again. 

On Sunday March 22nd, the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris in his capacity as Prime Minister addressed the people of St. Kitts and Nevis in what was widely anticipated to be a policy speech that would serve as the roadmap for not only sweeping prevention and containment of covid 19 but for our post covid economic recovery. Sadly, neither objective was achieved and most listening felt more anxious and uncertain than before. Rarely have we seen such level of vexation in this country, framed in part by what was said by the CMO Dr. Hazel Laws that it is not a matter of if but when.  

If as it appears that both the NIA and the TUG are simply waiting for confirmation of the presence of the virus before taking stringent action

then they are not only misguided but reckless with our lives. Threat assessments are useful tools but in the absence of universal testing, it means nothing. St. Kitts and Nevis being one of the last remaining territories to not as yet to discover the presence of covid 19, is not a testament to our vigilance but rather a blessed warning to get our house in order.

We in the federation of SKN have the privilege of having front row seats to the creeping horror show unfolding in real time before our eyes. It is relentless and unforgiving in its cruelty. Rich nations with their vastly superior Health Services have been broken and overpowered by the sheer mass of the sick and dying simply because they waited too late to take serious action. Now in desperation, many have closed their air spaces, land and sea borders to all but commodity transport. Schools, universities, government offices and non-essential commercial businesses have been made to close. Residents have been asked under penalty of fines to remain indoors. A life lost cannot be recovered.

It is to this end of saving lives that we in the NRP strongly believe that the steps taken by our collective governments on both St. Kitts and Nevis are seriously inadequate. All around us the dominoes are falling one by one. Antigua has fallen, Montserrat has fallen, St. Marten has fallen, Dominica, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, T&T, Jamaica and Barbados have fallen. Being the last to fall is not a badge of honour, and it must not allow our leaders to lull us into a false sense of security. We therefore believe that in the interest of saving lives and to better position ourselves to quickly recover economically, all air and sea ports must be closed to all but essential commodity transport. 

The inadequacy of the so called self-quarantine program is evidence enough of a serious threat to our people. There is little or no monitoring. 

The NRP further recommends that all residents on SKN be tested free of cost for the Covid 19 virus. As it stands persons are asked to pay US$100 for the test. Many will not be able to afford it. With a population of approximately 50,000 persons, an expenditure of $US 5million is a relatively small price to pay. Furthermore universal testing is critical given that 18% of infected persons are asymptomatic and can inadvertently infect others without knowing it.

Further we in the NRP strongly recommend that all schools, government offices and non-essential commercial businesses be made to close as of midnight Thursday 26th until such time as is deemed safe by the Covid Task Force. Citizens and residents must be encouraged to remain indoors only venturing out to purchase food and medicines. Social distancing must apply to all of us and not just prisoners.

Of great concern is the devastating impact that this virus will have on our already fragile economy. Unemployment and underemployment were already realities for many Nevisians. In the wake of covid 19, that reality is now a nightmare. More than 60% of the Nevisian workforce are directly or indirectly dependent on a paycheck from the Tourism Sector. Tens of millions of dollars have already been be lost from the economy and it will get exponentially worse. Consumer spending if not addressed will slow to a trickle further depressing the economy. I am reminded that 75% of the economic power in most economies come from consumer spending.

To this end, we in the NRP recommend that at no time during this crisis must the income of those workers laid off or who have been placed on reduced hours be allowed to fall below 60% of base pay. To accomplish this, a gratuitous payment of between $600 -1500 /month be made by Social Security. This represents a total commitment of approximately

$30 million over 3 months. Again a relatively small sum in the context of government spending.

For those persons who do not contribute to SS, the Poverty Alleviation 

Program must be expanded. 

Removal of the fuel surcharge for 3 months for all customers. 

Removal of the gasoline tax for 3 months. 

Removal of all taxes including VAT from medical and agricultural supplies and equipment indefinitely.

Suspension of Corporate Taxes for 3 months. 

Removal of the 4% interest on SEDU loans to small businesses and an immediate suspension of the 20% collateral requirement, the new business requirement and bring an end to the gender/age discrimination against males.


Pic: Deputy leader of  the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP),

Dr. Kelvin Daly

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NRP Launches Corona Virus Task Force

NRP Launches Corona Virus Task Force

16 March, 2020

My fellow citizens, as the Corona Virus (COVID-19) continues to spread, we in the Nevis Reformation Party are cognizant that this will have a negative impact on the social and economic stability of the country. In respect while the Government has been rendered handicap in its dealings with this pandemic, there is a need for real contingencies.

We are prepared to act in the interest of our nation and have moved swiftly to established a Task Force to advise the party and the citizens of Nevis on how best this scourge can be eliminated.

In an effort to safeguard the well-being of the society, we take on board the advice coming from Dr. Clive Landis of The UWI (COVID-19) Task Force, Dr. Tedros of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Caribbean Public Health Agencies (CARPHA) so we urge the following: 

  • Keep social interaction at a minimum

  • Wash hands regularly especially after interacting with persons

  • Clean surfaces with vinegar

  • If you feel sick stay at home and get medical advice from your doctor

  • Reduce panic and pay closer attention to the advice of health professionals

  • Minimize handshakes, hugging and kissing

We in the NRP would have already begun discussions with the government of Cuba to provide an Immunologist and a Virologist along with five nurses trained in intensive care. These medical professionals should have already been in Nevis to address the issues of Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support.   

We are mindful of severe financial challenges brought on by this virus. We know that workers in the tourism sector will be hit hard as international travel declines.  As such, we would have put emergency financial arrangements in place to assist displaced workers. 

We would have gone to Parliament to legislate a Financial Assistance Plan for six months to address unemployment benefits, income substitution, mortgage payments, student loan, health and property insurance. These measures are needed immediately. 

Lastly, very shortly, your friends of the Nevis Reformation Party will engage officials of the Department of Agriculture, to adopt measures to ensure that there is food security and an impact mitigation plan for our farmers and fishermen.

The NRP stands ready to work with government, the private sector and civil society to contain and eliminate the Corona Virus. 

God bless protect us all and may God bless St. Kitts & Nevis.

E. Robelto Hector

16 March 2019


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Tradesman and Architect at Construction

Incentives for Nevisians

Visionary Incentives

This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over Nevis. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed and the Nevis Reformation Party is pushing for change. 

 *4-VAT FREE days annually

*Reduce VAT from 17% - 10%

*Independence Day No Vat and No Custom Duty Day

*One Duty Free Vehicle for every Nevisian

*Duty Free materials on First Home

*Provide loans up to $200,000.00for Nevisians abroad to start new businesses

*Offer $10,000 loans to Nevisians to purchase shares in companies

*Establish an Assistance Center for Nevisians returning home

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Jobs Creation

5000 New Jobs!!!

The current government has been unable to attract any new investments. They have been unable to create any jobs and have been forced to survive on the budgetary support of the Federal Government.
*Revive the construction industry with 5- condo development 
*accelerate the approval and process for home construction
*Revive the Tourism industry with the introduction of 2-Resorts and 2-Hotels
*Revive the finance industry by revamping the Offshore Industry 
*Revive the agriculture industry by producing most of what we eat 
*Lobby to make an additional 500 acres for agriculture 
*Creating an International Finance Corp and Business Consultation Agency aimed at improving the ease of doing business by 100%
*The Development of Nevis South

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No. 1 Destination

The vision of the Nevis Reformation Party will return Nevis to a respectable and sort after destination. Nevisians can expect:

*2 new 5-star resorts

*2 new hotel chains

*Construct 2-cruise terminals

*Increase cruise tourism to 500,000 annually

*Construct 2-marinas

*Redevelopment of Charlestown into a modern tourism center

*Establish the City of Charlestown Council to oversee the development and the maintenance of the City 

*Redevelop the Bath Hot Stream into international spa and restaurant facility

*Convert the Bogs into a nature walk

*Develop Nevis South into a modern self-sustained City



The Stakes are High

Nevis Reformation Party is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many people. This issue is close to our hearts.
*We will create a National Scholarship Trust Fund
*Afford every Nevisian an opportunity to attend University
*Construct a New State of the Art and independent Nevis Sixth Form College
*Duty free building materials for Nevisian teachers who are within the public service for at least 12 years
*One duty free vehicle for each teacher within the public service for at least 10-years
*Re-introduce the Free one-to-one laptop program
*Provide Free textbooks for all High School Students
*Introduce a modern pre-school criteria and curriculum
*Construct o international standards and lease 5 new state of the art Pre-school and day care centers


Modern Infrastructure

Visionary Concepts

Nevis Reformation Party is truly a Visionary party unlike no other. Our vision will take Nevis into the next 75 years, placing it on the edge of modern development.
*We will construct a bridge between Nevis and St. Kitts
*Construct new highway to open up a new city in Nevis South
*Redevelop the Charlestown departure terminal into a modern arrival and departure lounge
*New government administration building
*Comprehensive utilities provision and modern billing system
*Upgrade the electricity and water services
*Work with service providers to improve the quality of telecommunication services
*We will invest in relocating all utility lines in Charlestown to underground locations
*Work with providers to provide super fast broadband service by 2023
*Provide wifi hotspots throughout Charlestown

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Why Your Vote Counts

October 25, 2019

The right to vote is of a constitutional pedigree which makes it a very important benefit. Voting is important as it gives you the opportunity to hold government accountable or to reward them. In recent elections a large number of Nevisians failed to go out and cast their ballots. This resulted in a government that has failed to attract any investments  and has failed the people of Nevis. Now is your opportunity to take the first step in correcting this error. Get out and Vote and remember, Early Out Vote Them Out.

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