60th birthday - 60 FREE Meals for the Homeless

October 20, 2019

Today Dr. Kelvin Daly, the candidate for the Nevis Reformation Party in the upcoming federal elections, continued the tradition of sharing his fortunes with the less fortunate within his constituency. 

As the former President of the Sir. Clarence Fitzroy College, Dr. Daly recalls using his personal funds to ensure that the Nevisian students, who faced challenging financial times, could continue their studies uninterrupted. 

Today was no different as it is his special day, his 60th birthday and he celebrated selflessly by giving away some 60 lunch packages to the homeless. In comments he noted that, "...nothing moves me more than sharing with those that are too often overlooked. What a joy to share a traditional Sunday meal. I had planned 60 lunches but so great was the need, 77 completely emptied all the pots..."

daly shares on birthday_edited.jpg