Nevis Election Uncounted Ballots Uncovered.

January 14, 2020

Citizens and residents of the small twin island state are left shocked and dismayed over the uncovering of a number of ballots that seemed to have been casted in the last Nevis local elections but were counted. 

The island last held local elections on 18 December 2017 which say the current CCM government winning 4 of the 5 seats contested. Many pundits throughout the region questioned the results as the incumbent seemed destined to loose if only for their lackluster, unimpressive first term in office. During that time the country experienced an unprecedented murder rate, record levels of unemployment, stunted economic growth, victimization and rampant corruption. A recipe for certain loss. Yet the CCM defied logic and many, including their own supporters were left with more questions than answers. Perhaps in this somber moment, the answer has finally arrived.

The latest unravelling has promoted the leader of the opposition party to call on key regional bodies, the supervisor of elections, the Governor General and the United Nations to not take this issue lightly as this level of corruption can hurt economies, erode democracy and investor confidence. He added that "...this is not the time to be silent but rather a time to grieve the death of democracy, the death of decency and the death of fairness."

The party is expected to lead mass protest across the country.