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NRP Youth Arm Leader Issues Strong Message

December  22, 2019

Hi, I am Saneldo Willett, the president of the Youth Arm of the Nevis Reformation Party. Before I commence I would simply wish to assure you that as a youth, your voice matters to us. I now encourage you to get out and register to vote. If you need assistance then please contact me or any member of the NRP and we would be delighted assist you. On election day, let us rally together as youths and most importantly, as the future of this great nation is a stake, I encourage you to vote for the candidates that have displayed a real vision and real passion for the development of our country and the advancement of our youths.

I also appeal to you to join the NRP Youth Arm. Like you, I too was of two minds. Did I really want to join a political movement? The answer was a resounding no. But I now must confess that joining the NRP Youth Arm has been perhaps the most rewarding decision that I have made in my short lifetime.

As youths we have been organized field trips, dinners, parties, fundraising events, assist in organizing and participating in the Party’s major functions and perhaps most importantly we have had an opportunity to have our voices heard in the Party’s development plans for the future of Nevis. We have had an opportunity to advance opinions on a wide range of issues. We have lead the charge for a new independent start of the art Nevis 6th Form College, A new Accredited Technical College, financial assistance for each and every youth whose desire it is to attend university overseas, we will provide interest free loans to youths who wish to start their own businesses, 500 new affordable Housing solutions for youths, we are advocating to have youths play a more active role in government, we believe that the expansion of our economy is of utmost importance so that when you have received your university degree that you can feel comfortable returning home, too many of our young people who have finished 6th Form finds themselves in grocery store packing bags or cashing a register; we will advocate for the provision of 5000 new jobs. As a youth I have witnessed our tourism industry mercilessly brought to its knees and we are busy working on a comprehensive tourism plan to produce an industry for which we all could be proud. It is no secret that our tourism industry has been crippled and left for dead.  

As your youth president I have advocated for the sports tourism programs that will encourage capital investments in sporting programs, training, stadiums and facilities in areas such as cricket, football, drag racing, new international standard horse race track and perhaps professional sports such as Basketball and baseball. 

These are just a few of the things that the leadership of the NRP, has valued our opinions, as the spring board to draft policies and programs for the greater good of all Nevisian.

The Leaders of NRP are listening to us. We are the performance party. The only party with a visionary plan for the development of Nevis. Together we can do this. NRP------ Visionary----NRP Youth Arm, Ready to transform Nevis.

Join the NRP Youth Arm now, It is for young people of all ages up to 35 years. Please visit the NRP Headquarters at Nelson Springs or follow us on facebook at NRPOfficial\ or visit our website at You can also email us at

Our contact numbers are       Local (869) 469-1527